New Dark Ages

by Future West

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released 25 June 2014

Joe Mac- Guitar, Vocals
Bowman Kelley- Bass, Background Vocals
Scott Hubener - Drums, Background Vocals
Kim Roney - Piano, Organ
Frieda Carson - Background Vocals
Patrick Kukucka - Engineer
Michael Hynes- Mastering

Produced by Future West and Patrick Kukucka



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Future West Asheville, North Carolina

Future West started in 2012 -Loud raw rock ranging from garage to heavy psych. Future West then changed to include the unexpectedness of post punk (who can sing with the Raincoats?)

Available for regional and international touring, and releasing music on independent AND MAJOR labels, given the cash. (We won't change)
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Track Name: Disposable
This world is a trash heap, baby,
Post-mordial dump.
We’re buried up to our necks here
With all this useless junk.

Everything’s disposable.

Crumple up the old one baby,
and just ...
Throw it away.
Move on to the next one now,
Got no time for yesterdays.

Everything’s disposable.

But there’s love in this landfill I know,
There’s gold in the scraps,
Deep down in the pores beneath the filth and sores
Lie quantum maps

Filthy little particles
Come together, make us whole
Nothing is disposable

Do the trash - do the waste - ser basura - do the garbage
Do the scrap - do the dregs - do the rubbish - do the refuse

I’m in love with your filthy little particles.
Track Name: Forever Time
Eyes dancing beneath their lids,
mind calm in the howling winds,
just a speck on a lifelong trek trying to hold some ground

make no mistake we make our fate
and navigate our way around,
always keep one foot in the world,
past sight and sound

it’s always somewhere out there,
can’t stop eternal time,
we are just passing through

it’s not about what we got
bodies age and matter rots
doesn’t matter if we get the joke or if we do not

there’s much more than we know,
so sit back and enjoy the show;
Do you have somewhere to go?

Shake your body,
shake your soul,
shake everything that you know

Flat perception leads to restless mind,
anxious soul bleeding out your eyes

Don’t let your body tell your soul where it’s gonna go
Shake it up, shake it out, shake the world that you know.

Give due respect to rats
Perennials keep coming back.
Track Name: Be Nothing
I was sitting at my bedside, waiting for something
a series of notes to fall into place or a melody to appear from thin air
The flickering candle to speak in tongues
the quiet shattering open to the other realms

this might take awhile.

waiting for an absolution of my wickedness and sin
waiting for the past to pass and the future to open wide
waiting just to see all that lies behind
waiting just to be the mystery

this might take awhile
(to get down to it
past the dreams and memories
past the arrogance of youth
past the thoughts and things learned
past the locks and doors)
Track Name: Carbon Dreams
This is how we roll…

The bodies that we occupy
See only how we live and die

The eye that is I that is us that is we
That sees when we’re dreaming
That sees beyond vision that knows no limitations

The eye that can see past the realms we perceive
That travels dimensions
The eye that is I has much to reveal
Planes to unveil
The wisdom of ages
And has no reason to hide

The truth of antimatter
Weaving through our every gene
We are all antimatter
Living in this carbon dream.

The truth is.
Track Name: Life will go on
There were those times when I rode to certain places
just to glimpse at certain faces;
When I fell, I fret, I swooned - When I cried out at the moon.
Haven't I been here before? Haven't I walked through that door?
Is it scrawled all over the wall for everyone to see?
Love is a mystery to me.

There are those times when I believe in love.
How it dissolves all the bitterness and It's deep in each fold.
When I've made up my mind that It's bigger that space and time.
Love is like the seasons, it's the sun the rain and the snow.

It's everything I believe in-
It's everything I've ever known.

There were those times, stumbling around with pants undone;
Blacked out whiskey drunk;
Screaming "God is dead!"; laughing. Ha Ha Ha.
Spitting on the face of the shrines. Turning so close to the flames.
I Feel it burning at my heels. Hell seems so close; and so real.

There are those times when the doors close and the blinds shut.
When the demons come out to play.
To win is to smile against them and to laugh it all away.
Love and hate and desire are all of this world.
Looking much higher- Don't get present-tensed up, you silly fool...

Life will go on.
Track Name: Sister Donna
Hey Sister Donna does it please you,
do the skies open up just to greet you?
Do rock and roll angels play electric guitar,
does Jesus really drive a muscle car?

Are you having fun in the Great Unknown,
is your load a little lighter without shit and bones?
Was there someone up there to guide your way,
were they callin for you, were they singing your name?

Sister Donna - on another plane
Sister Donna -gone gone away

Oh what I would give to hear your stories,
was it white light or is it black and boring?
Do you sit around and watch TV?
Do you visit your friends and haunt your enemies?
Can you see it all like you're standing there,
does this world matter at all, do you really care?
Tell me Sister Donna what you know for sure,
is there something i can look forward for?

Sister Donna - on another plane
Sister Donna - gone gone away.

heavy clouds had built
it was looming and frightening
then it tore itself open
thunder and lightning
but the sea was calm as you set off
on the ss hereafter
the clear moon above
echoed your laughter
Track Name: Black Water
In the depth of the night i feel a disaster, lurking distress quits the laughter,
a drain won't unclog and it fills up the sink over the counter way past the brink,
the water is black, murky and sinister; it pours from the spout like lies from a minister,
in no more than seconds it's up past my knees, the water is rising like a bad prophesy

Bleaker and bleaker, doom all around
that sinking feeling like my ships going down

the pressure is building in my lungs and my chest, feeling disturbed, feeling distressed
I've tried to unclog but its still on the rise, what have i done to deserve this tide?
no time to think, my heart is racing -where is the switch for this problem I'm facing?
pushed to the ceiling I can't touch the ground, if it don't end soon i'm gonna drown

faster it rises, darker and dimmer
blaming myself for being a sinner

going down down down in black water
gonna drown... drowned drowned in black water.
Track Name: Swamp Heart
In a sea of beating hearts,
long nights of disillusionment,
I was a feral beast frothing at the mouth.
My heart was a swamp;
Emotions alligators.
Fucking was a feeding frenzy tearing me apart

But you were not dark, you were like a clear blue sky, like a beam of light
And the gators swam ashore and I lost the like of the garish nights

There's still murky depths,
and the gators still demand their flesh.
But through your mystic ways,
we keep the beasts at bay.

we reach for the sky
boots pulled from the mud
springing to a bloom

My swamp heart grew magnolias for you.
Track Name: Ghosts are everywhere
The clock strikes 12:34 and a spirit enters the room
the candle flickers and a voice whispers - there's no one here but you.
Like fire burns, spirits haunt, they sneak around at night-
sometimes I see them in the streets in the broad daylight.

Ghosts are everywhere, all the time.

I know I shouldn't welcome them by lighting up the shrines
but loneliness and desperation play tricks on my mind.
Maybe if I do it right I will find a guide -
but the haunting ghosts are always close, they find me every time.

Ghosts are everywhere, all the time.

I know I must forgive you so you won't come around
let you go from my heart without a trace, without a sound.
But a cold wind blows and it blows open the door;
and I see the same scene that I've seen a thousand times before

Ghosts are everywhere. Your ghost is everywhere, all the time.
Track Name: Sweet Virginia
Sweet Virginia, your commonwealth of captivity.
And Dominion of old seeks only control.
McDonnell's so sly, and Byron contrives;
To Control Your Life

So don't decide and don't you think,
'Cause your body's their property

Sweet Virginia, state sanctioned rape.
Don't question what you don't need to know.
Don't you forget, they're looking out for you.
Don't you forget they're looking out for you.

Don't you worry, don't think
'Cause your body is their property.